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2020 ApRHA/ApRRA World Show Class Results

2020 TOTAL CLASS PAYOUTS =$36,254.13

2020 Jimmie Jack Smith $5,000 Open L4 Futurity

1Meant To Be My JerseyJorge Puente143/(RO)142.5$2,656.07
1Shine And SevenPeter DeFreitas143/(RO)142.5$2,656.07
3The Dual StormJosh Murphy142.5$1,517.75
4Ms Hollywood TownMatt Goodman140$758.88
5High On PeyoteBilly Williams139.5
6Big Dreaming ChicMatt Goodman138.5
6Justa Chics DreamJared LeClair138.5
8Cotton JerseyHarvey Stevens136
9Sunshine N WhiskeyJason Contreras135
10Dunit For A DreamHarvey Stevens134.5
11Jailhouse TattooMolly Stevens134
12Rollinback To JerseyRocky Dare130

2020 Jimmie Jack Smith $2,500 Open L1 Futurity

1Ms Hollywood TownMatt Goodman140$1,328.06
2Big Dreaming ChicMatt Goodman138.5$1,032.94
3Cotton JerseyHarvey Stevens136$590.25
4Sunshine N WhiskeyJason Contreras135
5Dunit For A DreamHarvey Stevens134.5
6Jailhouse TattooMolly Stevens134

2020 ApRHA $10,000 Open Buy, Breed, & Win Futurity Cup

1Meant To Be My JerseyJorge Puente143/(RO)142.5$5,000.00
1Shine And SevenPeter DeFreitas143/(RO)142.5$5,000.00

**  Stallion Auction Incentive Monies:
Highest placing Stallion Auction get:  Shine And Seven (Some Kinda Shine x Pines Seven Up), owned by Amber Morgan receives a check for $2,842.00.  Stallion Owner, Frank Marley, receives a check for $710.50.

**  Buy, Breed, & Win Futurity Cup Nominator Incentive Monies:
Meant To Be My Jersey (Yellow Jersey x Neon Cola Sign) nominator Jimmie Miller Smith receives a check for $1,000.00
Shine And Seven (Some Kinda Shine x Pines Seven Up) nominator Frank Marley receives a check for $1,000.00

2020 Commercial Laundries $1,000 Non-Pro L4 Futurity

1The Dual StormJeremy Woodhouse139.5$720.00
2Big Dreaming ChicPaul Stewart135$480.00
3Dunit For A DreamJane Cairo 132.5
4Jailhouse TattooJane Cairo127

2020 Bar M Ranch $1,000 Open L4 Derby

1Miss WhizolenaHeather Thompson142$497.85
1Nu Grays StarlightHarvey Stevens142$497.85
3Justa Hollywood StarMolly Stevens138.5$124.47
3Tattooed Bya VaqueroMatt Goodman138.5$124.47
5StarlighttattoedannieTell Edgmon137
6Waden On SpotsHeath Wilkerson135
7Rio PrettyJorge Puente132.5
RM Shining StarRobert Montgomery0
Neon JerseyLee BennettDQ

2020 Percevich Construction $1,000 Non-Pro L4 Derby
2020 Diversified Incomes LLC $500 Non-Pro 4-year-0ld Incentive

1Tattooed Bya VaqueroPaul Stewart143.5$584.30
2Justa Hollywood StarJane Cairo138.5$438.23
3Miss WhizolenaJessica Zaharia137$292.15
4Nu Grays StarlightAlison Phillips135.5$146.08
5Waden On SpotsTy Wilkerson135
6Gotta App For ThatMarci Michel133.5$230.00**
7Rio PrettyRobin Broughton132.5
8StarlighttattoedannieSheri Shaw129
8ANB Red Pine TalkingRyland Bradley129
10BulletformyvalentineElizabeth Montgomery0
** 4-year-old incentive money

2020 Robison Construction $500 Non-Pro Maturity

1Highly SpotageousTeresa Job135.5$375.00
2DuntattooedavaqueroSheri Shaw134.5$250.00
3Whiz N OnasignElizabeth Montgomery130.5
4Roosters Dun LadyCandye Anderson129
5Nu Circle N SignJane Cairoscratch

2020 ApRRA $2,000 Open Ranch Riding Futurity

1Dunit For A DreamHarvey Stevens240$930.00
2Jailhouse TattooMolly Stevens183$581.25
2Sunshine N WhiskeyJason Contreras183$581.25
4Cotton JerseyHarvey Stevens182$232.50
5Chic Adee Twintop SMTeresa Job132
6Two Timing ChexTell Edgmon110
7High AFCody Crow81
8Chex Out My BootyManny Hershberger73
9Big Dreaming ChicMatt Goodman64
10Ms Hollywood TownMatt Goodman42
11Splash Of DieselMichael Roberson30
** Buy, Breed, & Win Incentive Money

2020 Boehringer-Ingelheim $1,000 Non-Pro Ranch Riding Derby

1Justa Hollywood StarJane Cairo144.5$660.00
2Hot JiggetyTristanna Bickford144$495.00
3Nu Grays StarlightAlison Phillips143.5$330.00
4Frozen HighneeGrace Owen143$82.50
4Iza Good As GoneAlison Garman143$82.50
6High Caliber GunGrace Owen142
7Rio PrettyRobin Broughton141.5
8One Buff JerseySidney Karr141
8Smith N WadenJeanette Anderson141
10Coded SpotlessSheri Shaw140
11In Good StyleLesla Andrews133.5
12Colonel Code BreakerJay Stewart131.5
13California ChexxHailey Robison-Grilione117.5

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