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$10,000 Buy, Breed & Win ApRHA Futurity Cup


–    Purchase a breeding through the ApRHA Stallion Auction Incentive program in applicable year, breeding must occur in the same year breeding was purchased
–    Breeding must result in a registered Appaloosa colt/filly
–    Only these Get will be eligible to compete in the Open $10,000 Buy, Breed & Win Futurity Cup as 3-year-olds (does not include entry/judges fees)
–    ONLY the 3-year-old OPEN L4 class entrants will be eligible for the payout
–    Qualified entrant MUST WIN OPEN FUTURITY L4 CLASS to win the money
–    $10,000 to be paid to winning qualified entrant (or designated payor) and $2,000 to be paid to Stallion Nominator, for a total purse payout of $12,000.  If the winning entrant and the Stallion Nominator are the same person, the full $12,000 will be awarded to that person.
–    Non-Pros can only qualify for the money by competing in the Open Class on qualified 3-year-old horses
–    IF none of the qualified get WIN the Open Futurity, the $10,000 rolls over to the following year with additional money added (think Powerball on a yearly scale)



Not able to buy your discounted breeding through our Stallion Auction Incentive Program?  But, you did buy a breeding that you want eligible for the $10,000 Open Buy, Breed & Win Futurity?  Now’s your chance to nominate that Appaloosa foal and acquire your eligibility!


1.  If you purchased a breeding for a Stallion that WAS offered in our Stallion Auction, but you purchased it directly from the Breeder, you are eligible to nominate.  See form for fees.

2.  If you purchased a breeding for a Stallion that WAS NOT offered in our Stallion Auction, but you want the breeding to be eligible, you can pay 1/2 the advertised Stallion Breeding Fee OR $500, whichever is greater. First foal nomination fee is included with Stallion breeding fee ONLY IF the nomination is paid during same year as breeding  For fees after the breeding year, see form for nomination fees.

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