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World Show Qualifying – NRHA Shows


On April 19, 2016, the ApHC BODs overwhelmingly voted in favor to approve the option for ApHC Reiners to qualify for the ApHC World Show by competing at any NRHA North America shows.

Here are the facts you need to know:

1)    ApRHA will have a required Qualifying Form.  Form will include ApHC regional club affiliation, show name, classes entered, scores and will need to be signed by that NRHA show’s secretary.
2)    Starting September 1, 2016, ApHC registered horses can qualify for any of the ApHC sanctioned reining classes held at the ApHC World Championship show through their participation at any NRHA sanctioned show. This includes Non-Pro Reining,  Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Reining, Junior Reining and Senior Reining.
3)    Those wanting to use this method of qualifying for the ApHC World Championships must be a member of the following associations: ApHC, ApRHA, NRHA, and a regional club of their choice.
4)    This proposal will follow the same calendar guidelines as current ApHC rules. Show must be held between Sept 1  and August 31 in order to qualify for the upcoming year’s World Show.
a.    ApRHA must notify ApHC of horses/riders qualified through this process no later than September 5 (same deadline as those qualifying through regional clubs and international affiliates).
5)    Participants must show in a minimum of (4) shows to qualify, except for Hackamore/Snaffle Bit which requires (2) shows to qualify.
a.    One show = 1 day, regardless of the number of judges at that show. (multiple judges for one class do not count as multiple shows)
b.    If a horse or rider is attempting qualification in more than one class, they may do so at the same show. However, that show will only count as one show toward their qualifying requirement in each class.
c.    Hackamore/Snaffle Bit (HSB)  horses can qualify in Junior and HSB classes but have to qualify in two separate
classes at four different shows for Junior Reining qualification and at two different shows for HSB reining.
6)    All Non-Pro qualifiers must meet the ApHC criteria for Non-Pros as listed in the ApHC Handbook.
7)    ApRHA will handle verification of qualifying show results with the NRHA Show secretaries of the respective shows.
8)    Exhibitors must file application with ApRHA and pay a non-refundable $100 deposit fee to use this qualifying method. The remaining deposit of $100 is due to ApRHA by August 15 in order for that horse/rider to earn qualification to the World Show through this program.
a.    ApRHA will return 100% of the money for this program to the ApHC.
i.    ApHC will retain 50% of the total fees.
ii.    ApHC will give the other 50% to the regional club in which the horse owner is a current member (as of August 15
of show year)
b.    If the horse owner doesn’t complete the qualifying process (i.e. pays the initial $100 deposit but doesn’t get qualified
and doesn’t pay the final payment of $100), this money is not refundable and will be turned over to the ApHC and
the ApHC will retain 50% with the other 50% going to the regional club chosen by the horse owner.
9)     ApHC exhibitors choosing the NRHA qualifying method offered through ApRHA do NOT earn any points towards
ApHC year-end point rewards unless the show is dual-approved in advance of the show through new ApHC rules taking
effect January 1, 2016.
a.    If exhibitors are interested in earning ApHC points to count toward annual and lifetime ApHC awards, they should speak with the ApHC about getting the NRHA show dual-approved with ApHC for points. In this case, the show would submit results to ApHC for only ApHC-registered horses at the show in order to determine points. All ApHC rules regarding show approval and point fees would apply.

Exhibitors must post a score in the class for that class/show to be eligible. “No-scores”, a score of “0” and DQs (disqualifications) will not count towards eligibility.

Only the following classes will count towards eligibility:

Open, Int. & Ltd Open Junior or Senior
Novice  Open 1 & 2, Rookie Professional Junior or Senior
7 & Up Senior
Novice Non Pro 1 and 2 Non Pro
NP, Int NP, Ltd NP, Prime Time/Masters NP Non Pro, Masters
Rookie 1 & 2, Prime Time (if participant owns his/her entry) Non Pro, Masters
Derby (4,5,6) Junior/Senior/HSB (if in HSB)
NP Derby (4,5,6) Non Pro
Open Futurity Junior or HSB (if in HSB)
Non Pro Futurity Non Pro
Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Hackamore/Snaffle Bit


Ineligible classes include:
All Green Classes: Green Reiner, Green as Grass, Green Horse
All NRHA entry level Ride and Slide Classes
All Youth classes

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